24 Sevens Guide To Being A Leading Lady

Are you a Leading Lady?

In June 2018, 24 Seven launched its new series, Leading Ladies, focused on providing women from all walks of life and professional levels with the tools they need to reach for the sky. This information is here for all women to use as they navigate their careers whether they are looking for job search recommendations, want to understand their worth and how to set compensation goals, or want advice from our own team of powerful female leaders!

Are You A Working Mom?

Our Leading Ladies began with an interview with our Executive Vice President of Full-time, Tammy Chatkin-Newman, and our Senior Vice President of Business Development, Tracy O’Connor, discussing what it’s like to be a working mom, the impact of working for a female-led company, and how to balance it all!

When asked how they think working for a woman-led organization has impacted them, Tammy brought up the role our Founder, Celeste Gudas, played in her decision to take the job at 24 Seven. Tammy knew she wanted to have a family and felt supported having a family and a career with her as CEO. Tracy shared how working for a woman-led organization alongside truly incredible female leaders has trickled down the feeling of empowerment to her daughter, and how that can be seen through her daughters day to day actions.

There’s no holding back in this Career Over Coffee, so be sure to check out the full interview here.

Top companies for women to work at in 2018 resource

Finding the Company That's Right for You

From benefits to culture to equality, there are several factors that should be considered when finding the perfect workplace, and for women, some of these factors are even more critical. Whether you are looking for a company in which you can say with certainty you will not be passed up by a male counterpart for a promotion when you are the better fit, are interested in maternity leave options, or want to ensure that your CEO values gender diversity, there is a company out there that is the perfect fit for you.

In recent years many companies have made huge strides in order to create work environments that allow women to feel comfortable and see potential for growth. With insights from Forbes, Fairy God Boss, and the LinkedIn Top 100 Companies list, as well as employee reviews, percentage of female Managers and Executives, awards, and benefits, we rounded up the top companies for women to work at in 2018.

Currently searching for your perfect workplace  and want to see the full list? Be sure to browse our job openings here or become a part of our female led 24 Seven company and join our team!

On the Road to CEO

When asked what percentage of CEOs of the world’s 500 largest companies are women, respondents across 27 countries majorly overestimated. Americans guessed 18%, but in actuality it is a mere 3%. These female CEOs are making waves and are an inspiration to women climbing their way up the corporate ladder.

Get empowered by these female CEOs and see what advice they have for you. Want  to make sure your company is offering the training and development you need to further grow in your career? Be sure to ask these questions!

Female CEOs Making Waves resource

Get the salary you deserve

Did you know that according to a recent Glassdoor survey, 3 in 5 employees did not negotiate their salary? 68% of women accepted the salary they were offered, above men. If this doesn’t surprise you, it should, especially when you remember that negotiating also includes benefits, time off, and training and development options. When you consider the number of women not negotiating their salary, it’s no surprise that we still have a far way to go to close the wage gap, which is why we’re giving you our top tips for negotiating your salary as a woman.

The gender pay gap will continue to increase if both women and men do not take action to stop and close it. That begins with negotiating salaries. For more tips on negotiating your salary, check out our full 24 Seven Salary Negotiation Resource here.

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